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Foto Nᚠfelák Dj Rockstar před nedávnem představil svůj nový web. Určitě zkontrolujte jeho hudební tvorbu a hlavně videa z jeho shows, která jsou něco naprosto úžasného. Pokud Vám to jméno něco říká a ne a ne si vzpomenout, tak Rockstar je přední Break Dance Dj. Get funkeee bracho !!!

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Stepteave 11.03. 2020 2020 23:42
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Gaby 29.10. 2015 2015 09:19
I love shabby apple and I am super exctied that they now have a fitness line. Yay motivation to work out. I just got Wii Fit Plus and new workout clothes would really be a great add!
End 27.10. 2015 2015 18:40
Ooooo.... they are all so pretty! Thanks for this gwaeviay... I haven't won a gwaeviay yet... just thought I would let you know that (wink wink). I am loving the Cobra jacket and the sleeping vishnu shorts. Oh so modest... and oh so pretty. [url=]fqikyp[/url] [link=]bvihkui[/link]
Betty 27.10. 2015 2015 12:38
I recently disvcoered your blog, and thus recently disvcoered Shabby Apple. And I love them both! I'm especially excited for the fitness goodness, as I'm participating in a health challenge. Cute clothes: fitness motivation? I think yes. :]
Adriana 26.10. 2015 2015 01:21
Is this for real...! I come in to work: check my work email, go to the department mnteieg, get bored and sneak a peek at my fav blogs and...this. Hm...I'll get by the next few hours at my desk dreaming of sweating it out in some hot new gear! Dreamy.
Safit 22.12. 2014 2014 16:20
wow! i made it to your blog! for those that are reading this, the clhtoes fit well! better than lulu lemon. i am the model on the far right. i am a yoga instructor and loved these clhtoes! i didn't get to keep them, only got paid but enjoy for whomever wins! good luck!naomi you are adorable!
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